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TOTAL CUSTOMER VALUE MANAGEMENT: Transforming Business Thinking


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Total Customer Value Management (TCVM)


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Total Customer Value Management: Transforming Business Thinking by Gautam Mahajan explains how employee brand equity builds corporate brand equity, and how companies can increase profits and competitive advantage through Customer Value Transformation.

Total Customer Value Management (Total CVM) is a new management concept going far beyond CVM. Total CVM aligns the entire company to the Customer. It expounds the value of employees and the building of their self-esteem, awareness and engagement, and expands the concept of Customer Strategy, Customer Circles and Continuous Customer Improvement Programmes, Value Pricing, the roles of departments such as HRD and Finance, and measuring Customer and Employee Value Added,

Insightfully illustrated with case studies, caselets, tables and graphs, the book shows how big companies in India are embracing Total CVM to effect organizational transformation.

Gautam Mahajan is an internationally acclaimed expert in strategy, general management (including Customer Value) and globalization. He is President of Inter-Link Services Pvt. Ltd., an International Consulting Firm in operation since 1987, working with clients from America, Europe, Asia, Australia and India.

He is graduate of IIT Madras, where he was an Institute Merit Scholar. He has a Master’s degree in Mechanics and has completed his PhD coursework from the Illinois Institute of Technology, and has an MBA from Suffolk University.