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Total Customer Value Management (TCVM)


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Voice of Customer and Voice of Competitor

Customer Value Added (CVA) Study




If you are not looking for and not getting market share and loyalty of your customers, we can help you with a Customer Value Added (CVA) Study.


Total Customer Value Management (CVM) Program

  If you want help in gaining and retaining customers, we can assist you with a Total Customer Value Management program, building a strategy to make the entire company focus on and be driven by the Customer’s inputs and increasing the value they receive from you. Total CVM contributes to value creation for customers and the company and emphasised by everyone in the company.

Customer Circles

  When you want the front-line to act customerically for you , we help you set up Customer Circles. Members of Customer Circles are touch-points, backend managers and other employees who can influence processes, systems and policies. Customer Circles initiate ideas on how to improve the customer experience and how to implement those ideas. This is a bottom led customer initiative, based on building the self-esteem, awareness and pro-activeness of employees.
Customer’s Bill of Rights and the Circle of Promises  

You want your Customer’s rights respected and adhered to. We help set up the Customer’s Bill of Rights and the Circle of Promises made by the employees and departments that have to deliver on the promises.


People Value Added/Employee Value Added

When you want to make your employees feel valued so as to deliver Customer Value, we can help you make your employees more enthusiastic, productive and engaged. We can assist you in measuring employee value added

Using Customer Value for Increased Pricing and Profits

  If you wish to get optimum prices, Customer Value techniques can help you establish the right price of your products and services and to decide on the various features to put into your offering.

Customer Value Management
Measuring Customer Value
Customer Strategy
Establishing Customer Circles
Value creation and Enhanced Pricing: Increase Profits through Right Customer Value Pricing"

"Advanced Pricing Strategies "
"Customer Value Creation - The Concept and Practices in India" at seminar "Business Environment & Practices in India" organized by Multinational Business Academy, Noida
"Going beyond: Leveraging Customer Value Creation for greater loyalty" at DMAi 2014 Convention, Radisson Blu, Delhi.
Clicklabs Conference on "Returning to fundamentals for innovation" in Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi
Speech on "Value Creation", "Technology and Innovation" at Indian Institute of Technology Madras.
Topics that we speak or can train on are:

Total Customer Value Management (TCVM), Value Creation and Management, Value and Pricing, Measuring Customer Value Added (CVA), Value and Finance/HRD/IT, De-Commoditization, Customer Value Mapping, Customer Strategy, Employee Value Creation, Customer Loyalty, Value Creation and Competition