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Gautam Mahajan


47 Friends Colony, New Delhi 110065, Cell: +91 9810060368

  • Gautam Mahajan is the thought leader in Creating Value,Customer Value, strategy, general management, innovation and globalisation. He is President of Inter-Link Services and Customer Value Foundation to help companies with Customer Value and Value Creation. He has proved quantitatively with the Tatas that Values create Value!
  • He is Founding Editor of the Journal of Creating Value jcv.sagepub.doc.
  • His books, Value Creation: The Definitive Guide for Business LeadersTotal Customer Value Management: Transforming Business Thinking, How Creating Customer Value Makes You a Great Executive and Customer Value Investment: Formula for Sustained Business Success are best sellers.
  • Clients include Tata’s, ITC, Godrej, L&T, SAIL, Chambal Fertilisers, Zuari, Hettich, Murugappa in India and many more outside India, such as Alcoa, GE, Israel Chemicals, DuPont, Alcoa, Toyo Seikan, Korea Telecom,  Azelis, Chicago Metallic, Continental Can Europe, Euromonitor Consultancy, European Union, Husky, Israel Chemicals, Klockner, Rexam (Bowater), Solvay, Sidel, Uniloy , Viag, various banks, telecom, and other companies.
  • He conducted a workshop on Pricing and Value at the Professional Pricing Society meeting in Orlando, and Amsterdam in 2012 and 2015, and addressed the global meeting of Etisalat in Dubai in 2012. and chaired several conferences, including telecom, customers, direct marketing etc. the last two being in Berlin and Leicester UK: The First Global Conference on Creating Value
  • Worked in the US for 17 years with Continental Group, the world’s largest packaging company. He is one of the inventors of the PET petaloid bottle and noise control kits. He commercialized the half litre PET bottle, aseptic products.
  • He spent time in California in 1998-2000 helping British dotcom companies.
  • Past global President of the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce, and was Chairman, Plast India Committee, Vice President All India Plastics Manufacturers Association, Trustee Plastics Institute of America.
  • Recent projects have been focused on education, legal profession, chemicals, manufacturing, financial services and the habitat where he is promoting interaction and knowledge exchange between the US and India. Also helping create entrepreneurs at the Bottom of the Pyramid

Honors Received:

  • Fellowship from Harvard Business School and Illinois Institute of Technology
  • 18 US patents.
  • He was honored by the Illinois Institute of Technology with its Distinguished Alumni award.

Recent Speaking:

  • Talks and courses to several Universities and IITs for Creating Value to students, faculty and staff
  • Gave Value creation talk in Vancouver, BC  to government, entrepreneurs and investors
  • Spoke at San Diego in 2014 to customer experts from all over the US
  • Gave leadership lectures at IIT Madras and IIT Mandi one on technology and creating value and on Customer Value Creation
  • Gave Leadership Talks in Value Creation and one in Technology and Innovation
  • Chaired a workshop in Munich in May 2013, on Telecoms Loyalty and Profitability
  • Chaired a Customer workshop in Berlin in October 2013
  • Spoke to Rabo Bank Advisory service, DMAi Conference, and will run a workshop in Customer Mapping in Malaysia, and a Customer Value Creation lecture tour in the US
  • Conducted two separate workshops on Creating Value and on Pricing in Mumbai in early 2013
  • Conducted workshop at Professional Pricing Society in October, 2012 on Creating Value and Getting a Price for it
  • He delivered the first Distinguished Engineering lecture at Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago in September, 2011, and will deliver two Leadership lectures at IIT Madras in early 2014, and a Value creation lecture at XLRI in December 2013
  • Value Creation to the Stuart School of Business, Chicago 2011
  • Value Creation and CEO Forum, San Francisco, 2011
  • Customer Value to CEO’s from 26 European countries, Malaga Spain, 2008
  • Customer Value in 2009 in Chester, UK to CXO’s
  • US India Joint Business Council in Washington on the American Business Experience in India, an Inter-Link –Xerox study that was featured in the Wall Street Journal.
  • Chaired Pricing conference in Berlin
  • Chaired 1st Global Conference on Creating Value

He has been a featured speaker at several international conferences in Berlin, Hong Kong, Singapore, Washington DC, Orlando, Frankfurt, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Dallas, Austin, San Francisco, Shanghai, New York, Toledo, Boston, Plano Tx, Duesseldorf, Princeton etc.




Led by Ray Kordupleski, President Customer Value Mangement Inc. USA

Customer Value Foundation (CVF) through CVM, Inc. has a network of associates throughout the world that work with its clients to achieve maximum customer, people, and business impact using the customer value management approach. Each of the associates has its own strengths, but when the complementary experience, talents and programs are blended together to serve clients, the result is a world-class consulting team.

Customer Value Management Inc. USA
Headed by Ray Kordupleski, unquestionably the Father of Customer Value Management as we know it today, and CVF’s chief mentor is the premier US company adding value to clients through CVA (Customer Value Added).
Customer Value Management, Asia Pacific (CVM)
Founded by Ray Kordupleski and Rodger Gallagher, CVM is located in New Zealand and uses the Customer Value Added (CVA) approach to customer value management. The company provides proven tools for businesses to establish customer loyalty and market share targets, set improvement priorities, then deliver the predicted business results. CVM is directly responsible for web-based surveys conducted by CVM, Inc.
Customer Value Management, Latin America (CVMLA) ( Phone : (55) (11) 3841 9030
Founded by Ray Kordupleski and Marcelo Chanis, CVMLA is located in Brazil with a stated mission of helping clients in Latin America leverage and sustain competitive advantage through the strategic deployment of customer satisfaction data and information. CVMLA combines global expertise in CVA methodology with a deep understanding of the local markets and their specific clients' needs. CVMLA provides market research expertise for CVM, Inc. currently headed by Sandro Cimatti – Managing Partner (CVA Solutions)
Customer Champions (
Founded by Colin Bates and based in the UK, Customer Champions has a proven track record of providing business benefits through working with clients to ensure that the value of their customers is fully realized. The company has been responsible for the rollout and management of a variety of customer value management programs throughout Europe. Customer Champions' expertise in linking the customer- value approach to other business concepts, especially in a multicultural context, has proven invaluable to CVM, Inc.'s clients.
Mathews & Company (
Founded by Dick Mathews in 1968, Mathews & Company has specialized since 1975 in information technology-based customer satisfaction surveys, benchmarking and improvement planning. Using its innovative "How're We Doing?" services, Mathews & Company has helped its clients, ranging from Fortune 100 to small business to government, improve customer satisfaction, customer retention and competitiveness. In many instances, the company has teamed effectively with Ray Kordupleski to implement customer value management survey and improvement processes to meet the needs of both their domestic and international clients.
ValueMetrics Australia (
Founded by Nick Fisher, ValueMetrics specializes in the use of performance measurement to help organizations prosper and operate more effectively. ValueMetric's expertise in acquiring, analyzing and interpreting customer data in a statistical context is an integral part of CVM, Inc.'s global consulting practice.
Vogel & Vogel, Inc. (
Vogel & Vogel, Inc. is a software development firm that provides technology-based solutions for measuring and implementing customer value management programs. Its CV Manager product is designed to provide tools for viewing, analyzing, and reporting customer value data, as well as helping to extract important strategic intelligence from that data.