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Convert Co-Opportunity to Co-Creation to Give and Get More

The Business Roundtable and Davos both have stated the purpose of a company is to create value, not just shareholder wealth............. 


Watering Wet Plants

I take great pleasure in enclosing an article by my friend Cyrus Bagwadia, former MD of Essel Propack.....


What is Value Creation and the new Purpose of a Company?

My friend, Dr. Eddie Pinto, who is one of the best medical doctors I know, knowledgeable, up-to-date, caring and concerned about patients wrote......


Creating Value the Number 1 Purpose of a Company (181 of the Largest US Companies)

For the last few years Customer Value Foundation and Creating Value Alliance have been spearheading a campaign that the role of a company and an executive is to create value for customers,......


Customer Value Article: Call for Paper: Value Creation and Destruction by Technology on Society

What is the future of technology? Will it create value or destroy value for society? ...........


Customer Value Article:
Value Deprivation

I have written about Value destruction and how it can be turned into a Value creating opportunity. Value destruction assumes ...........


Customer Value Article: Look at Value Destruction to Create More Value

‘Every act of creation is at first an act of destruction.’ Pablo Picasso. Many companies analyse value destruction after the fact. Very few try to assess value destruction potential of ...........


Customer Value Article: The International Society of Service Innovation Professionals interviews Gautam Mahajan

Gautam Mahajan is interviewed by The International Society of Service Innovation Professionals. Eighth in the ISSIP series of interviews with Tech Leaders: a conversation with Gautam..........


Customer Value Article: Are Firms Becoming More Human?

I am writing this article to help companies and executives to create value and prevent reduction of #CustomerValue in the future. All of you need to think about this as you plan for the future.....

Customer Value Article: Customer Value Economics: The High Cost of Poor Service

This doesn’t make sense, you think. Doing less cannot cost more. You have to look at the net cost. Many actions that #addvalue do not cost much. Smiling, being courteous, listening to customers, keeping ....

Customer Value Article: Call for Paper for the Second Global Conference on Creating Value

Dear Friends, Do come to the 2nd Global Conference on Creating Value in May 2019 in New York. Please plan to....

From my recent posts in my column, you know about Total Customer Value Management, how we add value to Customers, and how we help employees manage Customer-Centric Circles, and....

Customer Value Article: Plastics Ban or Big Bang

India is fast becoming a country that cannot control many of its day to day issues. Is this because of lack of governance or will, or just a lackadaisical attitude?.... 

Customer Value Article: Value Takers Vs Value Makers

Are you a Value Creator OR value Taker... 

Customer Value Article: VALUES CREATE VALUE

Did you know that values create value.....

Customer Value Article: Is Value Creation Always Necessary?

Much has been written by experts on value co-creation. Some believe that without co-creation value cannot be provided. I have a view which is similar to my view on other items.... 

Customer Value Article: The Productivity Conundrum: Why is Productivity Declining?

Productivity declined 0.5% in the last 5 years globally till 2017 end, whereas it gained 2.5% in some previous decades. Puzzling:.......

Customer Value Article: Are Value Creation and Destruction Two Sides of the Same Coin

Value Destruction: Non Value Added Tasks destroy value companies have many non value added tasks, processes, events, wastage that are non value adding. These includes.....

Customer Value Article: Use Customer Value to Fill in the Cracks in Custmer Experience

There have been cracks in CX theory. And now there is another article by a CX proponent, Charles Bennett of the Next Ten Years, Great Customer Experience does not always mean great.....

Customer Value Article: Attractology and Business

“The law of attraction is: You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are”...

Customer Value Article: The Future of UnEmployment and UnEducation

Think of future.

Customer Value Article: Using a Customer’s Bill of Rights to Build a Customer Culture

In my last few column articles, we discussed how to measure customer value and have examined the sorter side of Customer Value Management. Tool of Total Customer Value Management include building a Customer Strategy and ............................

Customer Value Article: How Customer Value Can Improve Your Price

If you create the value that the Customer is looking for, and if he perceives that you are creating value, what does he do? Does he choose your product first (show a preference for it) or be prepared to give you a higher price? How does it impact pricing and commoditisation?

Customer Value Article: Value Creation: CEOs Must Tip the Balance Towards Retention

Curt Fowler wrote in the Moultrie Observer on Driving Growth through Customer Excellence. He quoted HBR in Zero Defections stating that a 5% increase in Customer retention can increase profits up to 75%

Customer Value Article: The Sense of Value

Developing the sense of value is a two way street. One is your sense of what value is. The next is whether this value is being created for you, or are you creating value for others.

Customer Value Article: 5 Steps to Becoming an Outstanding Customer Expert

Many of you are good at being Customer focused, and are Customer Experts. How can you become an outstanding Customer expert? You just need to follow a few steps........

Customer Value Article: Hotels Follow Airlines

My friend Ravishankar wrote to me:Thought you'd find this interesting from the WSJ (Hoteliers Start to Mimic Airlines—Uh-Oh). Sad that the airlines model of nickel-and-diming the customer is now adopted by major hotel chains.........

Customer Value Article: Review of Gautam Mahajan's book "Value Creation - The Definitive Guide for Business Leaders"

Mahajan is a champion in advocating the customer as the fulcrum of business. Through his no nonsense approach, he reasons that creating value to........

Customer Value Article: Become a Customer Expert! Start by Clearing 9 Misconceptions About Customer Value

Many of you are customer experts, or close to being one. It is a matter of using what you have learnt, and what you keep on learning........

Customer Value Article: The Big Bang Comes When Business Needs and Customer Necessities Coincide

For a business, there are many tasks that are relevant and many that are necessary from their point of view. There are tasks that a business performs or could perform that...........

Customer Value Article: Smarten People: The Internet of People is not Just for Smart People

I continuously hear about smart systems, smart cities, smart this and smart that, and the Internet of Things. They all need smart people, I am told. Now I hear smart cities need smart people and smart citizens...........

Customer Value Article: Business World on Gautam Mahajan's Book, Value Creation

Here is an excellent review on Gautam Mahajan's book on Value Creation written by Nitin Motwani,Co- founder and CTO of

Custome Value Article: The Virtual Company

Purchasing professionals are focused on adding value to their companies, and so are sales and marketing professionals selling to them. All this will change with the Virtual Company..........

Customer Value Article: Co-Create Value with Your Suppliers and Partner

Purchasing professionals are focused on adding value to their companies, and so are sales and marketing professionals selling to them.  Both of these professionals, however, focus on price or cost as the major source of value creation for their companies.........

Customer Value Article: The Next Big Leap: From Total Quality to Total Customer Value Management

Customer Value Article: Amazing Amazon Slipups: Lessons to be Learnt

Amazon has an amazing name for great service and being customeric. So much so that Shep Hyken lauden them........

Customer Value Article: Why is the Customer Taken for Granted?

Customer Value Article: Why Value Culture Boosts Customer Satisfaction

Customer Value Article: The 4A’s that build Incredible Management and Successful Executives

Customer Value Article: Creating Value for Yourself means Creating Value for Others

Customer Value Article: The 8 Principles of Customer Value Creation

Customer Value Article: Don’t Waste Money Blindly Starting Loyalty, CJ, CX, CR, or CS Programs.

Customer Value Article: How to get a Service Culture Mind-set?

Customer Value Article: Invisible Manipulation

Customer Value Article: Do Unethical Practices Create Or Destroy Value?

Customer Value Article: How Net Promoter Score is Like Global Warming

Customer Value Article: Can Customer Value Change Customer Behaviour and Vice Versa?

Customer Value Article: C2C: Its Importance

C2C is normally Customer to Customer or Consumer to Consumer, or Citizen to Citizen.....

Customer Value Article: Loyalty: Real or Fiction?

Dictionary meaning of Loyalty: unswerving in allegiance

I keep reading loyalty is wonderful and how Customers are loyal or can be made to be loyal. And therefore there should be loyalty programs and efforts to get Customers to become loyal.....

Customer Value Article: Are Companies Loyal?

I came across a cartoon at Economic Times, which showed two executives speaking and one saying: It’s no more about employee loyalty…

Customer Value Article: Value Creation Activity in Colleges and Executive Education

Customer Value Article: Outsourcing our Customers without realising it:

Outsource the Customer. How stupid. Yes, all of us know we outsource many parts.......

Customer Value Article: Who Comes First in a Company A Value Creation:

This short questionnaire (4 questions) on your opinion of who come first and second in a company.......

Customer Value Article: Journey of a Customer Value Creation Evangelist

Customer Value Article: Journal of Creating Value is Released

Customer Value Article: Are We Blowing in the Wind

Customer Value Article: Why Empower Employees if you can get away with it:

Every Customer consultant says EMPOWER Thy Employee! This is the path to Customer success.......

Customer Value Article: This week, I want to do something different:

The article is on Indian's Forgotten Feminist Epic, written by Karan Mahajan in the New Yorker.......

Customer Value Article: Journal of creating value newsletter:

The Journal will debut in May 2015, and will be published by Sage Publications........

Customer Value Article: Value of Belonging: the Orphaned C ustomer:

A few days ago I wrote about anonymous customers (anonymous because companies do not know.......

Customer Value Article: Value of being Anonymous?By Gautam Mahajan:

I often look at the business world and wonder. What are they all about? They spend oodles.......

Customer Value Article: The Customer Value Conundrum: Value Destruction Multiplier:

Most managers are obsessed with efficiency, and cutting costs. They have a burning desire to avoid.......

Customer Value Article: Why Leadership-Development Programs fail: A Contrarian View

Customer Value Article: 8 Reasons Why your Company Isn’t Creating Value

Customer Value Article: From Value Grabbing to Value Creating: Lesson for Leaders

Customer Value Article: Whom do I work for?

Customer Value Article: Chief Value Creation Officer (CVCO)

I have been writing about Value Creation. I was asked to define the Chief Value Creation Officer....

Customer Value Article: The real sources of value: Assets and Performance

Customer Value Article: Mindset or Training: which comes first?

Customer Value Article: Employees, Customers, Investors: Who comes first?

Customer Value Article: Employee Journey

Customer Value Article: Customer-Value Marketing Critical as Airline Executives Lose Focus

Customer Value Article: Example of Value Creation in Education

Customer Value Article: Customer Value Journey

Customer Value Article: What does being Secure have to do with Creating Value?

Customer Value Article: 8 Tips for Value Creation for HR Professionals: Become Line Managers

Customer Value Article: Value Creation Implementation Ideas. Avoid Value Destruction

Customer Value Article: Nuisance Value: Value Creation or Value Destruction?

Customer Value Article: Value Creation is Output / Input

Customer Value Article: Value Creation in Education

Customer Value Article: Teaching Value Creation

Customer Value Article: Transforming companies through Value Creation not Value Destruction: The Balancing Act

Customer Value Article: Value Creation by Employees

Customer Value Article: Value Creation is a Good Idea!

Customer Value Article: Is employee churn cost you as much as your salary expense

Customer Value Article: Companies Misunderstand Price

Customer Value Article: Value Added Stories to Increase Price

Customer Value Article: Creating Value for Yourself

Customer Value Article: Corporate Unconsciousness: a Wakeup Call

Customer Value Article: De-Commoditizing Commodities: Add Value

Customer Value Article: Building Silos or Breaking Silos? Internal Customers is a Flawed Concept!


Customer Value Article: Why Value Creation is more Important than Value Extraction?

Customer Value Article: Differentiation, Next Practices and Superiority

My last article was on Zero Complaints. If you work on zero complaints, you will differentiate yourself in the marketplace. 

But you need to go beyond, and to differentiate your offerings, and be better than your completion on them. You need to be superior to them. And that is why you have to forget about best practices and move to next practices crafted by you that distinguish you in the eyes of the Customer. And to do this you must know what creates Customer Value (and what attributes of your offering are critical to him). This becomes your Value Proposition..............

Customer Value Article: Zero Customer Complaints

Customer Value Article: Business as Unusual

Customer Value Article: The Memory of Your Experience is More Important Than Your Experience

Customer Value Article: Death of Profit

Custome Value Article: NO TIME FOR CUSTOMERS? Conduct a Task Audit

“In a recent Aberdeen report 60% of companies reported that they weren’t able to increase customer satisfaction in 2012.........

Customer Value Article: Response to Pricing Seminar, Mumbai

Customer Value Article: 5% more in Price at Retail for Good Customer Experience

Even in today’s uncertain economy, some companies are winning big and they are winning big because of three strategies:
  • They manage for value
  • They keep developing human capital
  • They get radically Customer-centric.

Here I can take many real examples............................

Customer Value Article: The Last Mile of Pricing is NOT Selling but Buying

Purchasing managers have to look at customer value and full-life value in making purchasing decisions.  Stephen Bauld in procurement perspectives, enunciates it.............

I have always been an advocate of a Chief Customer Officer, even thought the C-suite is overcrowded. And many companies are adding one to help companies become .................

I gave a speech and workshop to the Etisalat Group companies in Dubai, and...........

Here’s another contrarian article. It is about: Encouraging your people to take the long view Toby Gibbs,..........

For a long time, I have been advocating that the starting point of a good business strategy is a customer strategy. The .....

Here is an article:‘Maximizing shareholder value’ is ill-conceived concept’.............

The Number 1 Source To Collect Valuable Information About Your Business Is From Your Employees.......