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Transformation and "Firms of Endearment”" Article Tata Power (Values Create Value)


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Leading business is no longer just about change or innovation ... it's about transformation. Gautam Mahajan will enlighten, inspire and entertain you with his views, thinking and innovative approach towards business, strategy, pricing  and Customer Value Creation. You will learn how to become value creating teams and organizations. Contact Gautam directly to discuss a leadership talk at +91-9810060368 or email:


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“My Colleagues and personally, I would like to express sincere thanks to you for talking to us on “Value Creation” on 25th January. You were direct, provocative yet persuasive and convincing which is a rare attribute. My compliments”

Mr Rajiv Srivastava
Chairman and Managing Director
Rabo Equity Advisors

"I attended your talk on GITPro on Saturday in the bay area. Very inspiring talk and the concept of value creation was powerful.

Mr Naga Raju Narayanaswamy
Sr. Manager, QA Engineer
Nimble Storage

"Absolutely, wonderful talk. I looked at Amazon and am interested in your book on Value Creation and about to buy. Just one question. Is the book relevant to middle level managers or more geared to CEO types. I am sure there are traits that can be applied and tools available for all leaders..

Mr Naga Raju Narayanaswamy
Sr. Manager, QA Engineer
Nimble Storage